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Social Media


Social Media has become a must for any business looking to build a relationship and to improve the customer experience.

In today's technological world customers are searching around more and more before they part with there cash. Social media provides a platform for you to interact with them beyond the checkout. You can use social media marketing to generate new business, promote your current business or project and help develop good brand awareness. Think how quick a tweet can go viral, how through word of mouth how quickly you can engage new and current clients. Social media can make a massive difference to your marketing strategies.

What Is Social Media?

Social Media is time consuming and the speed of customer interaction becomes key to how your brand will develop. There are a number of different platforms to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram all requiring a different type of approach to get maximum effect.

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How Does Social Media Work?

We learn about your industry and we listen to what your clients, staff and competitors are saying. What is at the forfront of the conversations? We take these conversations and we get involved by writing blogs or tweeting articles for example. We then increase your reach by getting online recommendations / tweets and likes. As you can imagine social media is enourmously time consuming and planning is the key to a succesful campaign.

What Do We Offer?

We will design and set up your branded social profiles. Find your target audience and research them and your competitors. Find the latest trends that is related to your business. And as with anything we will make sure all the content is optimised to improve your search rankings

The Next Step..

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